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About Us

At present, the company has a workforce of approximately 70 employees including 5 in the managerial level, 4 in the Marketing Department and 61 in the Production, Engineering, Store and QA Departments. Occasionally, the company do engaged sub-contractors when there is any necessity to increase the productivity to meet the large orders and prompt delivery.
The present management team was leaded by Mr Chin Chow Ping. The Company own a strong workforce comprises of a group of young and talented people, most of them whom have been undergo substantial training by the Company to excel in their respective works.
The Company catered mainly for the demands of the local market, especially some major export-oriented companies dealing in the food and electrical components for export.

Courier Packagings Sdn. Bhd. Certified ISO 14001:2015 Service Certificate

Courier Packagings Sdn. Bhd. Certified ISO 9001:2015 Service Certificate