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The role of sales packaging can not be ignored, it not only plays a role in beautifying commodity, but also plays the role of advertising publicity

In addition to the quality of goods to be perfect, the packaging of goods must first be competitive. The image of the enterprise will leave a "first impression" on the customer, the product depends on winning the "Bid price". Besides that, exquisite packaging has a very high aesthetic value, as a collection of preservation which far beyond the meaning of packaging itself. In order to let the goods in the market to win customers, packaging is the first to bear the brunt. Eagerly look forward to our country that more enterprises put great effort in the packaging. That is to create a first-class products, but also to create a first-class packaging which fully play a positive and important role in the trade.

Printing factory

Professional Design

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Packaging Tips

Containers or packages for the preservation and protection of products

Boxes, bags and bottles

Role in circulation can be divided into

Inner packing, medium packing, outer packing

Purposes can be divided into

General packaging, special packaging

Degree of compressive pressure can be divided into

Hard packaging, semi-hard packaging and flexible packaging

Manufacturing materials can be divided into

Wood, paper, metal and plastic packaging, etc.